What is AEngieTV?

A WebTV platform (streaming and on demand) focused on communities, suitable for outdoor sport events, for professional events and for associations/collectivities.

AEngieTV helps Events organizers to generate vibrant media content and maximize return on their video investment through the engagement of their community.

AEngieTV, an audience-centered experience

After adopting AEngie TV, the event organizer will achieve a fitting and vibrant media coverage of the event from the audience themselves, will benefit from additional relevant content available for sponsoring and advertisement, and will have a better knowledge of the audience, all integrated in a single environment.


AEngieTV, The 3rd Generation Social TV

A Cloud-based platform and associated services allowing event organizers to build and share a “TV Channel”, a place where the community of the event (audience, participants, partners, members of the organization, etc.) can watch, select, download, contribute, socially interact with video content (live, replay or on-demand) related to the event.

See the example of one TV channel below.